Custom Condo with Neopolitan Media Cabinet

August 25, 2010 in Guest writer

by guest writer Adam Crain, with dbd Studios, LLC

finished Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet

In late 2009, we had a dream client. He approached us with the intent of refurnishing his entire condo in Washington, D.C. with custom work. We were given leeway to design pretty much whatever we wanted, so we set our main focus on the two opposing walls in the living room. Our first project was an undulating, over-the-top bookshelf that ran along the entry wall. Our design for that wall included hardly any straight lines, so we looked at controlling the ‘chaos’ along the opposing TV wall with a formal, lineated piece.

The client requested 2 things: storage space and display surfaces. A long, low wall hung cabinet provided both of those with a modern look. The front edge of the cabinet measures just shy of 14′ long, so it was decided to split it into 3 pieces, with accent strips providing a visual separation between them.

Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet, fabrication process

Cabinet mostly up, dividers being installed.

New hardwood flooring had been installed at a 45 degree angle, which ran perfectly with an angle on the left wall of the TV area. We used that same angle in the Plyboo dividers that separate the 3 cabinets on the top surface and continue down the front as raised accents. The cabinets were fabricated and finished off-site in our shop, and installed in a single day.

Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet, fabrication process

Dividers in, doors added.

Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet, fabrication process

Cabinet installed and ready for the finishing touches.

We chose Plyboo Neopolitan for the front doors because it perfectly embodied the formal, modern feel we were after. The Neopolitan has a fantastically varied hue of wood strands in it, which made it incredibly easy to tie into all the existing wood tones in the floor, chairs, and bookshelf.

Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet, pre-handles

A close-up of the Neopolitan face and dividers.

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