Bamboo gets Mainstream

April 13, 2011 in Admin

I was flipping through the March issue of Psychology Today a couple of weeks ago and happened upon an article about environmentalism making its way into our daily lives. It’s not only socially acceptable — it’s chic. I was absolutely beaming to see the words “bamboo floor” in print. Not as a fad, but a new direction that should be embraced. People are proudly sharing that they’ve got a bamboo floor just as they’re glad to admit participation in community supported agriculture. Bamboo isn’t the future, it’s the present. It’s happening now and it’s a part of our daily lives.

Bamboo’s significance has surpassed being merely food for pandas. A shining example: I was speaking with Dan, our company president, just yesterday. He was telling me about an episode of The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That that took place in the bamboo forest. Imagine that! An episode of a popular children’s program explaining the many uses of bamboo and its role in its natural environment. The characters visited the bamboo forest and met a panda named Zhu Zhu who explained all the things bamboo could do in addition to being her favorite food. Dan’s daughter along with so many other children are learning about the versatility of bamboo beyond a sturdy grass from China. It’s very clear that people accept bamboo as a material that can be made into clothing, furniture, flooring, and homes.

You can find bamboo cutting surfaces and bowls at your local grocer, bamboo handled knives and specialty cutting boards cut into the shapes of states on Etsy. Bamboo’s popularity as a building material is growing as fast as, well, BAMBOO!


Wine Wave and CabArt with Plyboo Bamboo Plywood

April 1, 2011 in Admin

Last winter, student Stefan Schildge at Savanah College of Art and Design presented to his class a beautifully modern, eco-friendly “wine shrine” using Plyboo Materials. He made it in a class focused on wood bending techniques from Michael Thonet’s steam bending and laminating to the ancient and modern uses for plywood, both bent and flat. He designed his Wine Wave with famous designers such as the Eames, Gustav Reitfeld, Sori Yanagi, Marcel Breuer, and Alvar Alto and their use of plywood, wisa board, and veneer in mind. Schildge chose Plyboo because it is a natural material made with sustainable practices.

“Bamboo’s natural characteristics, especially its flexibility, lend themselves perfectly to the large curve of the Wine Wave, both in function and aesthetic, ” say Schildge. He wasn’t the only designer to be inspired by two natural beauties, wine grapes and bamboo, HandsOn Woodworking, designed a functional and highly aesthetic WineSlide, the initial wine art offering from CabArt.

“’CabArt’ has been a wine art design concept in my mind for years. The designs have a heavy Scandinavian Contemporary Art Design Influence due to my numerous visits to Norway,” says designer Liz Rui. The WineSlide is a 15″ x 30″ x 6″ wine cabinet made entirely with eco-friendly materials and finishes. HandsOn Woodworking‘s WineSlides are available and can be reserved by phone at 704-892-7720 or online at

Schildge is still a student at Savannah College of Art and Design and expects to graduate in Furniture Design in Spring of 2012. He chooses environmentally sounds solutions whenever possible and is currently experimenting with other materials such as plastics and metal. He doesn’t presently have a website (but I’ll post it as soon as it’s available).

Both Schildge and HandsOn do a great job of exploring equally functional and beautiful uses for Plyboo’s bamboo plywood. “Upon discovering Plyboo”, says Schildge,” “I learned of all the new methods for manufacturing and using bamboo, such as plywood production, flooring and veneer. Plyboo’s use of isocynate-based 0-VOC adhesive makes it an even more ideal material.”

Update: Stefan Schildge now has a website. Please visit!

Improving Air Quality

March 23, 2011 in Admin

Using Plyboo’s no added formaldehyde flooring and plywood are a great first step, but what about ways to rid your home or office of harmful emissions from other indoor items? Below are two super-awesome videos outlining steps you can take to improve the air quality in your environment.

Kamal Meattle’s TED Talk on how using plants to improve air quality.

Zem of EcoFabulous giving a simple way to improve indoor air quality.

PlybooSport experiences solid growth in sports floor market

August 30, 2010 in Admin

PlybooSport bamboo athletic flooring at NetApp Headquarters

NetApp headquarters, Sunnyvale, California.

Smith & Fong’s PlybooSport® — North America’s first bamboo sport flooring — faced an uphill battle in the sport flooring market when it was introduced five years ago. But as more and more corporate and institutional building projects have adopted sustainable products into their plans, PlybooSport has experienced dramatic growth.

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