PlybooSport experiences solid growth in sports floor market

August 30, 2010 in Admin

PlybooSport bamboo athletic flooring at NetApp Headquarters

NetApp headquarters, Sunnyvale, California.

Smith & Fong’s PlybooSport® — North America’s first bamboo sport flooring — faced an uphill battle in the sport flooring market when it was introduced five years ago. But as more and more corporate and institutional building projects have adopted sustainable products into their plans, PlybooSport has experienced dramatic growth.

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Custom Condo with Neopolitan Media Cabinet

August 25, 2010 in Guest writer

by guest writer Adam Crain, with dbd Studios, LLC

finished Nepolitan bamboo media cabinet

In late 2009, we had a dream client. He approached us with the intent of refurnishing his entire condo in Washington, D.C. with custom work. We were given leeway to design pretty much whatever we wanted, so we set our main focus on the two opposing walls in the living room. Our first project was an undulating, over-the-top bookshelf that ran along the entry wall. Our design for that wall included hardly any straight lines, so we looked at controlling the ‘chaos’ along the opposing TV wall with a formal, lineated piece.

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The Concordance Workstation

August 16, 2010 in Guest writer

by guest writer Rob Grimm, with Tork Design

As an environmentally smart company, Tork Design is very concerned with the amount of waste we generate. We look to find ways to maximize the size of our raw materials by making this directly proportionate to the size of our finished pieces. For example, our Concordance workstation is made from two 4’ x 8’ sheets of Plyboo with the only waste being the cut lines of the saw blade. Saw dust as the only lost material means that we have no piles of scrap lying about our plant and our impact on the environment is negligible.

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